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(Français) Le Crewkerz Freed II arrive en décembre

The new bike Crewkerz Freed II will arrive. It will be available in 20 and 26 inches mid-December. Here are some interesting facts while we are waiting to see the bike on the sections and among dealers of the brand for a budget of 1000 euros!
Yesterday Crewkerz  unveiled the first images of Freed II on its facebook page.

crewkerz freed II

To learn more we contacted Christian Gugliotta . Here’s what he told us .

TI : What is new on the Freed II  ? What are the components, and is are there component that Crewkerz used on the Cleep ?
Crewkerz : The Freed II takes all the positives of Freed first generation .
There will be a new front rim to save weight (about 100 gr .) The Freed II  use the tensioner and the same type of attachment on the frame as the Cleep. we gain of about 90 gr , and it is ease to assembly / disassembly the rear wheel and is compatibil with all hubs or wheels with center distance of 135 mm. There will be a hanger with the same geometry as that of Cleep .
And a few small details that increase the reliability of the components.For info , more than 1 year after the release of the Freed I, there has been zero return of frames and forks of the Freed I. And the  few products that have had issues have been resolved 100% by the VAS Crewkerz .
It is also a bike that will keep a value  on the second hand market thanks to its extreme reliability.

TI: What audience is this bike?
Crewkerz : It is intended for beginners to advanced riders with a budget of 1000 euros and looking for a bike that is ready to ride, standard and has no surprises

TI : When will it be available ?
Crewkerz : It will be available in December .

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