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The CURVE 2013 HYDRAUFORM reveals itself

After the announcement of the signature of Abel Mustieles on January 1st, Ozonys revealed last Friday January 4th 2013 the Curve 2013 HYDRAUFORM .

Here is some information on the new Curve 2013

  • Tube diagonal full hydrauformed, allows a gain in strength, lightness and design
  • Headtube full CNC, super design
  • Yoke full CNC mega light
  • Booster reinforced
  • Special shroud for easy passing of the chain
  • Rear triangle completely reviewed to avoid the use of “escargotse. New fast and efficiant tensioning system.
  • Sabot 20″ exclusive OZONYS  CNC
  • weight: 20″ 1.3kg ——- 26″ 1.49kg ——- 24″ coming soon

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