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In brief of Trials: Giacomo, Kenny et Hans, Dani, Javi and Pira, wooden bike..

In Brief this Sunday is focused on Elites riders. Giacomo on Ozonys, Kenny in  Corsica, Dani giving Demos, Javi Alonso in All or Nothing 2: all is well in the world of trials as well as  in the world of cycling with a Full wood bike!

Just before the start of the Elite race in Clisson, Ozonys published on his Facebook page a picture of a Giacomo Coustellier on Ozonys with this message: Giacomo COUSTELLIER ride a 26 CURVE! But beware Giacomo Monty is still riding for Monty but he is being helped out until the new Monty we have presented is available!

Message on the facebook wall by Ozonys Bike.

Meanwhile Kenny Belaey and Hans Rey returned to Corsica where they took advantage of some free time to mix the Trials and Trails! We look forward to the pictures of this road trip.

kenny belaey hans rey corsica by Vtopo
A short video from Kenny
Dani Comas is no longer riding competitions, but he still runs demos. Here is a nice picture of the show he performed this weekend at the Biker Cofidis Cup.
Dani Comas

Pira Dirtyflows is currently filming his video “ALL or Nothing 2″. After the success of version 1, he obtained the support of many sponsors and riders. Day after day he is building his video encountering cyclists of all backgrounds. A short time ago he was with Javi Alonso. A video that you will absolutely do not want to miss! Scheduled for September 2014 release.

Javi Alonso – Pira – All Or Nothing 2

Obviously this is not trials, but it is cycling and bike made in Jamaica. 100% wood, 100% raw. On the internet you can find hundreds of pictures of wooden bike but none like this one! Awesome imagination and belief. RESPECT at this time where everthing needs to be carbon :)

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