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New Cranks from BONZ

This morning Bruno Arnold, the “boss” from Ozonys and Bonz, published pictures of the new BONZ cranks that will be released this year on his facebook page.

Here is some information he published on the new product.

“They will be made available to fit on all frames with the axle fixed to the right crankarm. the cranks have already been tested by our pro-riders. More news in during the course of this year, launch is foreseen ni 2013.”

Before adding:Avant de rajouter “They will be on an axle that will fit all existing frames.  the axle will be pressed into the crankarm, allowing a more stiff crank and gaining the weight of a bolt. They are also stronger as the design is more simple.”

The crank will be in 2 parts, the crank itself on one side and the protection on the other.

To be complete we must add that the freewheel is splined.

Here are the pictures:

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