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First images of the products from Clean

Abel Mustieles announced us the launch of his  brand Clean and told us that the first products would quickly emerge. He did not waste any time as we can show you the first pictures of Clean products!

Here is some explanation to the photos by Abel Mustieles himself.

The frame is a special prototype , made from aluminum , which weighs 1220 grams. But still it is a standard frame . The good frame is coming soon , the engineer is in the process of completing his design work. We can show you very soon the result of our work.

The carbon fork provides good results , the weight of production will be 540 gr. It is not possible to make it lighter because it takes reinforcements to improve braking.

There are also some normall parts : as the cap, support for the HS33 brakes , semi integrated headset.

The sockets are a very light prototype that is still in testing. The front socket is not exactly as the end product will be. The results are already satisfactory.

The HS pads are ours and offer excellent braking . We tested them with Carles, Rick and Rafa . Everyone is very happy with the result .

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