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Results of Labege

The first round of the new “Coupe VTT Trial du Grand Sud” took place last weekend in Labège. A good 100 riders were at the start, they could not have had a better start for this new competition. There was a good fight over the victory in the Elite category but the first place was for Maxime Tolu followed by Jordy Vedere. Clément Meot completes the podium.

Here are the podiums of the day:

R4: 1/ Annemond 2/ Caignet

R3: 1/ Chauvin 2/ Cazanave 3/ Teisseire

R2: 1/ Delcasse 2/ Leyris 3/ Larrieu

R1: 1/ Cau 2/ Nogue 3/ Laire

Poussin: 1/ Larrieu 2/ Despes 3/ Praud

Pupille: 1/ Tricou 2/ Pasturel 3/ Ciesla

Benjamin: 1/ Faure 2/ Serieys 3/ Ciesla

Minime: 1/ Marcello 2/ Blavy 3/ Fleury

National: 1/ Cardona 2/ Vidal 3/ Descloux B

Expert: 1/ Caumes 2/ Duteil 3/ Lemoigne

Elite: 1/ Tolu 2/ Vedere 3/ Meot

Gentlemen: 1/ Merlette 2/ Colliou 3/ Desrumeaux

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