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Live To Ride 4 withJohn Langlois

The young French rider John Langlois continues to progress in his street riding. A riding inspired by his elders he masters more and more. He shows us a maximum of tricks for our pleasure.

John started trials 3 years ago on a 20″ bike. But after one year of riding, he changed to street trials on a 24″ bike. Street Trials as it is called is a real mixture of BMX, freestyle and Trials.

Watch and enjoy.


Street Trial 2013 – Live To Ride 4 – John Langlois

-Rider: John Langlois

-Camera : Nay Production ( Yann Collon ) ( with a littel help from Remi Ortali ;) )

-Editing: Nay Production ( Yann Collon )

-Music: Feed Me & Crystal Fighters – Love Is All I Got (Friction Remix)

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