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Love trials For Girls, the new website of Charlotte Coen

Today Belgian Womens rider Charlotte Coen launches her new website The website will keep you up-to-date with all information about this young rider participating in the UCI World Cups and whom is currently ranked 6th in the UCI ranking. The website is available in Dutch, French and English!

Here is what Charlotte has to say about her new website:

“Until last year Perrine Devahive and myself were promoted by I Love Trials Bike For Girls, which we started a few years ago as the first Belgian all girls trials team. When Perrine moved to the Merida Wallonie MTB team it was difficult to maintain I Love Trials Bike For Girls as a trials team. Therefor we decided to maintain our I Love Trial Bike for Girls  Facebook page to promote all Belgian womens trials riders and build a new team Love Trials For Girls.

We asked Boris Kraus from Riders Illustrated to design the now logo and worked with to design the new equipment. We wanted to maintain the white/pink branding from I Love Trial Bike For Girls, even made it a bit more feminin :) I think that both Riders Illustrated and Nodrugs did an excellent job. We have also completely redesigned our website which is much more dynamic than the old one. I really like it.

I am also happy that I can continue to work with my partners: the webshop from Kenny Belaey, Cross King from Aurélien Fontenoy, Brake Force One, Leppin Energy Boost and Supacaz who have great pink grips :) I also continue to work with Maarten Gybels as my coach from We have been working together for 2 years nows and I really enjoy working with him. Wesley Belaey continues to be my technical trainer.

I have some other projects lined up so make sure to check out our website regulary: as well as our teampage on Facebook:”

Here is the design of our new equipment:

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