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Marc Caisso on his Megamo, flashback to the Trial Inside day

in 2011 Marc Caisso invited Trial Inside for a day to the terrain of Fabregues close to Montpellier. A special day as for this occasion Marc responded to our request: see him ride on his Megamo, the bike on which he became Worldchampion in 1999. A request on which he responded with a lot of enthousisam and it was a pleasure to see him ride on his old bike. To make the picture complete, he even put on his original clothing he was wearing at that time.

In the end of the day, Marc was able to ride some impressive obstacles, initially thinking those were impossible to ride.  This was certainly one fo the big moments of 2011.

“When Trial Inside was first started, there was one subject that always crossed my mind: to see Marc Caisso on his Megamo once again. After his worldcup podium and his announcement to stop with the international competitions, it was time to get this idea from thought into reality. Marc was very enthousiatic when we told him about the idea and could not wait to relive this day for the readers of Trial Inside. Appointment on his terrain Fabrègues, on a winter Monday, “old school” style.
ByFrank Chastel – Photos : Mireia Martin and”

Pilot : Marc Caisso
Camera work : Brice Daraut
Edit : Sebastien Bijoux
Partners : Trial Inside

Material : 7D + 8mm + 28mm + 50mm
Music : chumbawamba – tubthumping

The video

the pictures of Mireia Martin Who came over from Spain especially for this occasion.

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