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Sebastian closed down today

Sebastian closed down … Bad news for the Trial, Bad news for the Trial in Germany.

Sebastian “I closed down today. It’s my way to protest against the fact, that there were no personal consequences after all the problems and mistakes of the past in Germany like the fiasco from Heubach or the cancellation of the European Youth Championships in Germany this year. There wasn’t even a apology from our officials. I also want to protest against the way they nominate the members of our national team. There is no respect for the riders and I’m tired of this shit. Trials belongs to the riders! But the officials and our federation occupied it. You are on a very good way in France, but in Germany we are far behind. Let’s hope for the future…”

Hope sixsections can made his come basck ASAP.

Franky and Trial Inside: Come on Sebastian, the Trial need you, the Trial Need

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