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MilkyWay Afternoon 19 – MilkyWay Tribe Milano – Extreme Biketrials

The team of Milkyway organised their 19th meeting. This time it was the center of Milan where the Italian riders had some fun with street trials. Guided by Paolo Patrizi the gang always have a lot of fun.

The video was filmed in late 2012 with the whole Milkyway tribe.

Watch and enjoy!


On December, 23d a biketrials gathering has took place in the city which counts the highest concentration of Italian biketrials riders: Milan.
It was the 19th MilkyWay Afternoon, and more than 30 riders came along from Milan and surroundings to take part in a community ride in the name of MilkyWay and of the sport of biketrials.
Special guests of the event was Paolo “Pool” Patrizi with a brand new Echo-MilkyWay Factory Racing bike which seemed to fit him perfectly and will lead him to great results in the 2013 season. The other MilkyWay Factory Racing Team Alessandro Allegretti was not participating this time, but you will see him soon in other occasions.
The session has been filmed by the biketrials specialist video maker Andrea Mentesana and we have now a cool video to show up, reporting all the main tricks of the day:

This video also announces the launch of an innovative online community dedicated to biketrials (and to all extreme sports in general): the MilkyWay Tribe which will be released by MilkyWay by the end of the February after more than 6 months of design and development.
This innovative website will help all riders to find new spots and new mates to ride with, as well as to decide where to ride when moving, or to plan some action sports holidays.
The aim of the MilkyWay Tribe is to sustain and enhance a real-life-experience of action sports. We designed super-useful functionalities such as a personal profile page with all relevant info about yourself as a rider, the possibility to upload spots and to share them worldwide, the possibility of organizing rides and to put on sale your used gear.
All of this with an incredibly user-friendly interface!

The MilkyWay Tribe provides either rookies or pro-riders with the opportunity to learn and share all the relevant info about their sports in the fastest and most accessible way. This is achieved by giving a horizontal access to all already existing online communities such as: local forums, blogs, personal pages, videos, pictures and social profiles from one only access point which is the Tribe. It’s not a competitor to all other online entities dedicated to biketrials (shops, forums, communities, …) but really an aggregation service which will be useful to everyone!

All of this is a side project of the growing website, where you can find a good choice of Biketrials components and a custom service for all what’s related to biketrials.

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