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Reichenbach, Oswald 20″ and Jonathan Sandritter 26″, 2015 Germans Champions

German Champions 26″ class
Dominik Oswald

The German Championships 2015 Trialbike 20“ took place on 27th june in Wiesloch-Schatthausen.
The new German Champion in the Elite Class is Dominik Oswald (Ozonys/Extreme Bikes Sports).
He won the title in front of the two local hero’s Raphael Pils (Clean/Extreme Bike Sports) and Matthias Mrohs (Extreme Bike Sport).
Dominik Oswald is still a Junior rider but started & won in the Elite class in 20”!
The hosting MSC Schatthausen built and Final Arena, with two final sections and spectator platform just for this event, where the best four Junior and Elite riders fought for the titles.
The title in the Junior class won Andreas Depil (MSC Schatthausen), followed by Henri Tredup (Bikes in Motion) and Simon Fuchs (MTG Kiefersfelden)
The winner in Women (Damen) class was again Nina Reichenbach (Clean) with just 14 points, in front of Andreas Wesp (37 points) and Romina Fix (41 points).
At the Cadets (Jugend) Luis Tredup (Bikes in Motion) and at the Minimes (Schueler) Oliver Widmann (TMS Racing Team) won the titles.

Elite 20 podium
Elite 20 podium
Jonathan Sandritter
Jonathan Sandritter

One week before the 26“ German Championship happened in Bad Endbach.
The new and surprising winner in the Elite Class was Jonathan Sandritter (Hashtagg) in front of Moritz Mettenheimer (Bikes in Motion) and the multiple champion of the past years Hannes Herrmann (Crewkerz).
The Junior class was won by Dominik Oswald (Ozonys/Extreme Bikes Sports), in second place Jannis Oing (TMSC Stadtlohn) and Henri Tredup (Bikes in Motion) completed the podium. At the Cadets (Jugend) Jonas Friedrich and at the Minimes (Schueler) Oliver Widmann (both TMS Racing Team) won the titles.

Dominik Oswald, Junior 26 champio
Dominik Oswald, Junior 26 champio






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