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Awards ceremony Belgian Cup 2013

Yesterday there was the awards ceremony of the Belgian Trials Cup 2013  at Prinsengoed in Aalter. The time of year for the Belgian trialists to gather around the table and not battle in the sections.

It was  Kenny Belaey who had the honor to present the results of different categories during the evening with the help of his father Ronny. At the end of the evening Saint-Nicolas arrived to give a small gift to all the children :)

Here the podiums of the different categories. Unfortunately not all riders was present so we have some of the podium that are not complete.


1: Delaere Nicolas 2: Haubrechts Romain 3: Sluse Rémi


1: Mattart Luka 2: Van Dael Daan 3: Sintzen Maurine


1: Phlilipin Hobie 2: Lecloirec Tom 3: Coulée Tim


1: Maniet Romain 2: Darimont Loris 3: Gonzales Geoffroy


1: Léonard Romain 2: Maréchal Bill 3: Gonzalez Lucas


1: Grommerch Bastien 2: Dubois Damon 3: Dejace Clement


1: Massart Nicolas 2: Vanden Bergh Iciar 3: Thomas Pierre-Charles

Women Elite:

1: Devahive Perrine 2: Coen Charlotte 3: Defraitteur Aurore

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