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Rick Koekoek after his podium place in Bern

- Hello Rick,it was a good day for you in Bern with your European Podium! The first one of the season.

RK: Hello Franky, Thanks, Yeah it is the first of the season for me.

- It was a good battle in the 20″ category especially with the new and young riders who start to be performant! Does this motivates you more or not?

RK: Correct, the battle is really close at the moment at the 20” comps. Well of course the new and young riders give you a boost to do it better but I have been working hard last winter but I couldnt get everything together at the last 2 WC’s. So I had to change allot of thinks in my riding and now it payed of in the end.

- What’s the impact of your collaboration with Cesar on your riding? Does he change your preparation before a race?

RK: Well Cesar and I have only been working together from Februari so it was a really sort time before the season to make allot of changes in my riding and preparation. But we still did it, made a lot of changes and wanted to see if we could progress in a short time. So my training level went up really fast. And now its time to put it together in the comps. And slowly I am getting there. But I still have got a  lot of points to progress in.

- The next world cup is in Pra Loup in a months time, what do you think of this race?

RK: Well I am looking forward to the next comp in Pra Loup. I like the style they use to make the sections and everything around it so I will do my best again to get back up that podium.

- What did  you think about the sections of Bern, they looked very hard!

RK: Well the semi final sections weren’t really hard.  But that made it more difficult as there was no room to make stupid 5s.

The final sections where hard but possible. One section was a little bit over the top, but the rest was good. I think the Swiss team did a good job.

- Do you think you can go to the worldchampionship! This year it’s looks very difficults for riders to go

RK: Yes i will go to the World champs with my team. I have been working hard for it so I will go! I hope the section builders do a good job on the sections for the Worlds. I am looking forward to it!

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