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Open Free Concept and Enduro Trials competition by


Open Free and Enduro Trial, Malmedy, 2 august by Enter-Bike. The rules we will use are based on the ‚OpenFree concept’ because we believe the OpenFree format has better potential to make our sport more accessible to more riders, so it’s important to have it tested as much as possible by as many athletes as possible…. Read More » Training camp at Casa Belaey

Enter-Bike Spain Kenny 1

The week before Easter Kenny Belaey and organised a training camp to prepare for the 2014 World Cup season. Kenny was joined by Belgian Womens riders Charlotte Coen and Perrine Devahive, Belgian riders Wesley Belaey, Iciar Vandenbergh and Thierry Klinkenberg as well as the young Romain Léonard. Also a lot of international riders made… Read More »

3rd round of the Trials Belgian Pro Series in Kluisbergen


Last Sunday it was the 3rd round of the Trials Belgian Pro Series in Kluisbergen. The site in Kluisbergen, where in 2005 the European Championship was held, has a combination of natural sections and artificial sections. Also the layout of the terrain makes it a physical competition, the riders have to do quite a bit… Read More »