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World Cup in Meribel: The photographers thank you

les photographes du trial

Marco Patrizi, Frank Chastel, Mireia Martin, Ruud Janse et Marc Coen The World Cup Meribel was a great moment because for the first time a French round was live video on Dailymotion. This did not remove the passion from the photographers who travel throughout the year to provide you with pictures. In Meribel, Mireia Martin,… Read More »

Buy Now: Photo Book 2012 by Trial Inside

photo book 2012 _ 600

Trial Inside makes his return to paper to give our discipline a medium to show the beauty of our sport. A book of 80 pages with over 300 photos recalling the magnificent 2012 season with the World Championship, World Cup, the European Championships, the World Youth Games and many other competitions of the UCI Trials 2012 season. Coverage of World Champion Benito Ros and Gilles Coustellier and all the best riders 20 and 26-inch ensuring a breathtaking spectacle in all races, not to mention the girls progressing day by day andyoung riders whom are the champions of tomorrow. 80 pages with pictures Nini, Mireia, Kevin, Marc and Frank who travel the… Read More »