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Tatiana Janickova continues to ride for Koxx

The young Slovak Tatiana Janickova whom finished the 2012 season with a first place on the UCI ranking, winning the UCI Trials World Cup and European Champion extends her collaboration with Koxx. She is one of the best female riders in the international scene and confirmed her potential during the last season. She will ride the on a Sky 20″ again in 2013.

Rember that she started the season with a brace on her knee during the World Cup in Aalter. She was still recovering from surgery to the ligaments from her knee. A very quick start after that surgery which gave her valuable points which allowed her to win the overall title during the final in Geneva.

During the World Championship she had to be satisfied with third place, but it would not surprise us if she will win the worlds soon.

Here is her 2012 season:

Tatiana JANÍCKOVÁ (Slovakia) 

Current rank: 1
Current points: 725
UCI Code: SVK19940412
Age: 18
Date Event Rank Result PaR PcR Class
27 Jul 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #2 – Val d’Isère 1 125 125 CDM
05 Sep 2012 World Championships 3 120 120 CM
22 Sep 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #5 – Genève 2 110 110 CDM
25 Aug 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #4 – Pra-Loup 2 110 110 CDM
18 Aug 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #3 – Antwerp 2 110 110 CDM
02 Jun 2012 UCI Trials World Cup #1 – Aalter 6 90 90 CDM
22 Jul 2012 European Trials Championships 1 60 60 CC

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