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Top News Trial 2013

The year 2013 ends , another year of Trial where the sections offered great emotional moments . Here is the top 25 visits of the news on our site Trial Inside.

As we had announced the Awards blew up the site, we are still working on the consolidation of all votes .

If the calendar is the second page that catches your eye , it is not a surprise to see the news about the end of KOXX on the podium … the last of the brand.

just of the podium we thank our photographers for their great work ( Nini , Mireia , Marc, Kevin , Alex, Franky , OD Films) and our friends Ruud and Marco .

The famous video of All or Nothing Dirtyflows completes the top5 . Shooting version 2 will begin shortly !

Then come the first photos of Abel on Ozonys by Mireia , information about the Crewkerz Cleep and surprise with the news on Fidan X4 !

The top 10 is completed by the signatures of Jack Carthy at Crewkerz at the end of the year and Abel Mustieles with Ozonys at the very beginning of the year.

We’ll let you discover the other 15 news that marked the year 2013 in the world of Trial.

Thank you all for your visits , your comments and your passion.

See you in 2014 for new adventures.

TOP 25 News 2013

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