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TrialCamp 2014, Enjoy Together Fair Play in Hamry nad Sázavou, czech republic. 3 to 6 of july 2014

All the informations.

Cause we enjoy it - ENJOY!
Our usual term has been changed due to the World Championship in Tanvald.

Make a note into your calendar! 3. – 6. 7. 2014!
It´s a pleasure to train together - TOGETHER!

The main content includes the training of bikers for the World Youth Games in Poland, the BIU World Championship as well as sharing the experience among the bikers. Our camp is for all the boys and girls – both beginners and professionals are welcome. A good team of coaches will be adapted to everybody.

To make your stay unforgettable you can participate in various funny and entertaining events such as crossing the narrow footbridge on a bike, evening showing, Hamerman-the competition for the minders… We will provide full board and the accommodation at our place. A large army tent will be available.

Thanks for your ideas and suggestions for improvements. Write at ( – for english (


Term: 3.-6. 7. 2014
Venue: TrialPark Hamry nad Sázavou
Accommodation: Tents, caravans or guest houses – search at
Sanitary facilities Showers in a local gym and football pitch, drinking water + toilets at the place (ponds nearby)
Food: High quality meals, buffet open all day. Take your own cutlery and a mug.
Fees and prices: Tent + car 30,- Kč/day (whole stay 120,- Kč) , caravan 50,- Kč/day (whole stay200,- Kč)
Rider: 280 CZK/day (includes – breakfast, lunch, dinner + trainings. We charge 3 days)
Minder: 230 CZK/day (includes- breakfast, lunch, dinner. We charge 3 days)
  No other fees.
Thursday Arrival until 12 a.m., afternoon training 3-6 p.m. (dinner is the first meal)
Friday Morning training 9-12 a.m., afternoon training 3-6 p.m.
Saturday Training and a trip to Žďár- there will be an exhibition at the KoresponDance festival
Sunday Competition and the departure of participants


Trainingswill be adapted to all levels, will take place in TrialPark and surroundings, will be liven up by other various activities (bathing, running, trips, crossing footbridge event etc.)

Coaching promise from: Tadeáš Kříž, Luděk Valenta, Pavel Klouček, Radek Hlavatý, Miro Kolárik, Martin Šimůnek a Vlasta Kabeláč Čiháček (3.-4. 7.), Roman Chvojka a Petr Jeřicha (5.-6. 7.)and others.



Thursday   DINNER Chicken stew,
Friday LUNCH Goulash, potato pancakes DINNER Roast sirloin, sauce,
 Saturday LUNCH Steak,
roasted potatoes
DINNER Meatloaf,
potato salad
Sunday LUNCH Schnitzel (escalope),
mashed potatoes


Applications by email: The latest term of applications is 29.6.2014

In your application, please, include your name, address, phone number, the number of riders and minders, days of your stay and the type of accommodation you have chosen.

A minder is necessary for each rider younger than 18.

Organizers are looking forward to all participants.

Video,  photos from the last year camp

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