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Trialtech in Czech with TRA and Vasek Kolar

Voici une vidéo en compagnie de Vasek Kolar et de TRA. Deux pilotes aux styles différents qui nous offrent un beau spectacle.

La vidéo a été tournéee au moment des Dressler Camp 2014.

on vous laisse apprécier les images.

Me and Vasha made a video together last year when go to dressler camp, we continue this tradition with another video .

Even tho its only filmed over a few days we managed to get 8 mintues of footage.

In the end we were lacking street footage, but even tho we were very very tired we took a small trip to the streets of Prague and got some footage in the end.

Special thanks goes to Vasek Kolar, Scott Wilson , Lukas Burianek and Lucka Kyselicová for making this happen .

Music :

« Sleep on the way » by Azoora (…)…


« Mt Fox Shop » by BoxCat Games (…


« Chosen » by Stephane TV (…)…

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