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A Belgian championship in the rain

Last Sunday there was the Belgian championship organized by RDMC Biketrial in Aywaille. The young riders whom started in the morning have been lucky and could complete their competition on dry conditions, the others  had bad luck,  after a good 30 minutes in the race it began to rain very hard, which did not help as the sections were already very difficult. When you see the penalty points you can ask yourself if maybe they were not too difficult. A lot of 5′s everywhere, this is not motivating for the riders or enjoyable for the spectators.

In the elite category it is Kenny Belaey who takes the win before Iciar Van Den Bergh and Nicolas Massart. Kenny also has a couple of 5′s in his first round, but then he just returned from the states on Saturday!

In the womens category it is Devahive Perrine who takes the win before Charlotte Coen. The sections definitely were too difficult for the women as Perrine finished with 85 penalty points!

Here are the complete results:


1 Belaey Kenny 21
2 Vandenberg Iciar 51
3 Massart Nicolas 76
4 Dammen Yoric 87

Dames Elites

1 Devahive Perrine 85
2 Coen Charlotte 90


1 Grommerch Bastien 39  
2 Sintzen Maximme 90  


1 Léonard Romain 39
2 Lassance Romain 55
3 Maniet Romain 79
4 Maréchal Eliot 83


1 Le Cloirec Tom 3
2 Verkenne Samuel 56
3 Maniet Loïc 87


1 Coulée Tim 5
2 Arcuri Valentino 21
3 Van Daele Daan 22
4 Frederickx Stefan 32
5 Delaere Nicolas 71


1 Sintzen Maurine 5
2 Parmentier Margot 18
3 Warland Pierre 49

Here are a couple of pictures:

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