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Video: Maxime Muffat, Adrien Pontier, Paolo Patrizi

3 videos with different styles: Maxime Muffat at the border of the sea, Adrien Pontier Fisheye view and Paolo Patrizi in show mode.

A short compilation of videos to follow 3 pilotes you can follow during the World Cups.

Maxime Muffat vice world champion UCI 20″ in 2012 and finished his season with just missing out the finals in Geneva. He is one of the young talented riders of French Trials. Enjoy the images of Maxime during a training at  Sète (France) in the sun at the border of the sea.

Adrien Pontier The rider of RTF 26 rides the elite category as Maxime in the Coupe Rhône Alpes. He is lucky as he lives next to the mytical sections ofThe Cave and St Pantaléon les Vignes. Here is some actions shot with a fish eye Lense… Adrien Fish Eye!!

To finalize this compilation here is a video of Paolo Patrizi in show mode during the ProBike Expo 2013.

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