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Video: presentation of the Crewkerz AS30 crankset

After the first presentatoin with pictures of the new crank  AS30 de Crewkerz we present you a premiere for the Trial Inside team. In order to show you how simple it is to use the AS30, we have made a video presentation of the crank. A premiere calling for others. And to be complete, Christian Gugliotta answered all our questions so we can present this product a bit more that according to us will simplify the life of the mechanics and the riders.

The video has English subtitles so it is accessible for the whole trials community.

Have a great weekend.


Christian Gugliotta: Initially a blank paper, now the objective: To make significant progress to improve the current system (ISIS Freewheel screwed).

We had thought of making a compatible product with the current trial frame equipped with 68 mm bottom bracket, but we quickly realized that for developing a “compatible” product we would have to make concessions on the mechanical aspect and lose huge benefits and that is not acceptable for us.

Why didn’t you use a 24 mm axle?

Christian Gugliotta: Because then we should have used a steel (too heavy) or titanium axle (too expensive).


Why didn’t you use external cups?

Christian Gugliotta: Because they are too exposed to shocks especially the left one, and they are too back. Also, the right cup displays a more outward chainline. Bringing the chainline in the center of the frame greatly increases the rigidity of the bike pedaling, but it was not feasible for us to do so.


What are the points you want to improve?

Christian Gugliotta: - Making the change and the maintenance of the free wheel easier and faster (View childish).

- Increasing the strength on the axis to have more accurate and responsive transmission.

- Having a perfect chainline.

- Optimizing the weight.

- Improving the reliability of the bearings as well as the entire system.

‘’Pressfit 30’’ has proven to be the ideal base for our project. Pressfit 30 presses the cups in the frame (As we do with the cups of the semi integrated headset) and then puts larger bearings than those used for the ISIS or external cups of a system of 24 mm axle.

The entire frame is dimensioned to receive the inner cups; the overhang of the axle is decreased and the stiffness is greatly increased. The 30 mm axle allows the use of aluminum which is lighter and stiffer than the steel. It is also more reliable because it is 2 times larger than a standard ISIS axle.

The axle also has the ideal size to receive standard Shimano spline found on the rear hubs in 99% of bikes sold worldwide. It will be very easy for those who want to ride with a freewheel hub to choose a splined sprocket and mount it instead of the freewheel on the crank.

Bar strength, team 6 arms,… will become history. The change of the freewheel takes up less than 3 minutes.

We can also say goodbye to the sailing effect found on screwed freewheels. Endpoints hard / soft.

The use of this standard Shimano splines allows all manufacturers to produce freewheels easily.

The AS30 is a pair of cranks (the right crank is fastened to the 30 mm axle and can not be removed by the user) and the left crank has a radial tightener..

This standard also opens the door for more crank designs. The leap forward compared to ISIS is huge and the future looks “promising”.


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