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Help Janine Jungfels @janinejungfels

Jnine Jungfels need your help: Can you please spare 5 seconds of your time and help me get to Europe to compete at the World Champs. Voting closes on Monday!!! And we are 400 votes behind. We need a big group effort of everyone voting so if you could help out and just vote for my video that would be fan-bloody-tastic!

It’s really simple:

1. Go to this website: www.visioningtheoutdoors.com/peoples-c…/peoples-choice-film/

2. Just click the ‘thumbs up’ next to our “TRIAL AND ERROR” video

3. Tag and share it on Facebook and Twitter to spread the word!

Good news, you can VOTE ONCE A DAY so please keep repeat voting. Make sure you do it on all of your devices too – phone, computer, tablet, etc. Thanks for your help!


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