World Championship Pietermaritzburg: Tatiana Janickova wins the world title

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Tatiana Janickova wins her first World Title after a fierce battle with Gemma Abant and Janine Jungfells. It was a fierce battle for the World Championship. After the first round, Gemma Abant was in the lead with 3 penalty points, followed by Tatiana Janickova with 5 points and Romina Fix with 6 penalty points. Janine… Read More »

World Championship Pietermaritzburg: Who will be on the 26″ Junior and Elite podium?

championnat du monde uci trial 2013 pietermaritzburg bynini trial inside qualification elite 26 pouces (12)

The finals of the junior and elite 26 inches will conclude the four days of competition at the UCI Trial World Championship 2013. As from the start we invite you to participate in a poll that with the only goal to share the passion for this wonderful sport. So do not hesitate to give your… Read More »

Polls: Who will win the Women World Championship in 2013 UCI Trials

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Who will win the World Champion in the womens category? Trial Inside offers to vote for your favorite. Something new on the site this week for Inside Trial during World Championship UCI Trials week. In fact here is a survey that will allow you to give your favorites for championship titles in 2013. First, here… Read More »